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What are we doing here

With every company in IT industry striving to achieve new horizons in there service/product domain , the expectations from the engineers is going up exponentially. Companies are looking positively towards fresher with raised expectations. To fulfill these expectations one should be well prepared and armed with specific set of skills with hands on experience on latest and well established technologies.

Courses in our Degree Programs are designed to provide a base line for all the students and are not centralized i,e. each University/College have there own tailor made course structure. But these are not always well in sync with market needs. On other hands companies are looking for talented Engineers who are either experienced or can pick up the pace quickly and start contributing.

To compete in this furiously fast growing IT industry students must put extra effort apart from there regular curriculum. But with never ending syllabus and curriculum activities students are left with very little or no time to upgrade their knowledge about current technologies and market trends.

We are putting together C@C a knowledge sharing/ training / discussion Platform which is designed to prepare upcoming talent for current and future market needs.